Get together to talk one on one with me to discuss your goals, ask questions, and get to know each other. I provide various customized training plans and packages to suit you, your limitations and lifestyle. Achieve your goals through a customized nutritional plan that will see you maximize the nutritional value of food.


Online One-on-One Coaching

Starting from: $250.00

This package is a great way to efficiently and effectively achieve success with your diet and fitness plan as it includes weekly check-ins via email or phone where I have you send weekly progress updates via email and make assessments based on these updates. I will make changes to your program weekly or bi-weekly as needed based upon these assessments, which allows me not only better develop a diet suited for you but also holds you accountable and ensure you’re sticking to the program and reaching your nutritional goals!

Includes follow up support via email and weekly email check-ins

8 Week Valor Group

Investment: $99 

*January 9th start date* 

  • Customized nutrition with starting menu and weekly macro review and adjustments 

  • Weekly check-ins and progress assessment 

  • Check-In Reminders, Accountability & Follow Ups

  • Ongoing Group Coaching Support  

  • Valor Group Access & Online Community

  • Workouts for Home or Gym 

Image by Chris Montgomery
Image by Meghan Holmes

In Person One-on-One Training

For those of you that are local, we can work together to achieve your goals. Fill out the contact form and I will send you a message with instruction on how to get started with me.

Note: With all purchases including weekly check ins you are welcome to request dietary changes and variety as needed to a reasonable extent, as long as requests are suitable in terms of dietary choices.

All packages purchased are final purchase with no refunds.