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Lifestyle Fitness Coaching

Coaching with Team SMF is a commitment to strive to bring your best physique possible. It is about pushing past your limits and increasing your own potential.


Coaching Includes:

Weight Lifting regimen

Lifestyle coaching is all about your desired look.  We work together to get you the winning physique that you have in mind. I make sure to give you a detailed plan to match your physique needs. To do this, we will sit down and fully analyze your body to make sure we build the perfect training protocol to achieve your goal body.

Everyones programs are completely individualized and will fit their specific needs and desires.

Diet and Supplement regimen

As with your training, this is also geared toward bringing the best package for your ideal look. You will receive a complete and comprehensive personalized nutritional regimen. This nutritional plan will be based off of your body stats, individual needs and calculated macros. When filling out the application be sure to tell me any food allergies or issues you have.

Cardio regimen

Every athlete is different so we must treat it different when it comes to cardiovascular training. Part of the goals that we are wanting to reach will depend on how your body responds to not only the type of cardio but also the amount of time. The function of cardio will be to keep you healthy and to help manage your weightless. My philosophy is too keep your food as high as possible to be able to have the best results. By manipulating your cardio we are able to better accomplish the desired winning physique. 

Weekly Checkins/biweekly live checkins

All athletes will be required to do weekly check ins. Bi weekly will be live call checkins the other weeks will be done through text/form submission. Not only do they provide a time to check in with me as your coach but also as a time to check in mentally. The sport of bodybuilding is hard and requires a lot of mental focus so use your check in as a time to really talk through your struggles and successes.

24/7 Access

All competitors will have my phone number to call or text and my email. Anytime day or night you will access to contact me to get any answers needed regarding your training and nutrition.

TEAm SMF Athletes

Shanda Salisbury

Trachele Shields

Joy Hervey

Gerilyn Le

Elizabeth Kelly

Samantha Fenner

Linsey Cuffy

Jennifer Copenheaver

**Requires a 3 Month Training Commitment