Thank you so much for your interest in my 6 week Emerging Strong Transformation Program! My unique program is for anyone who is finding it difficult to lose weight, grasp concepts of nutrition and healthy eating or anyone looking for a support group to help push them in the right direction for total body wellness. For those of you who are curious as to what it is and how it works take a look down below.


Access to Online Program

When you purchase this item, you will have full access to my 6 Week Online Transformational Challenge. It will be everything you need to help kickstart your weight loss and assist you with becoming your healthiest self. 

Weekly Meetings

One Saturday per month will be our “roundtable” discussion. During this time we will be discussing things like nutrition, exercise, stress relief, relaxation, and helping you to understand awareness of certain patterns and behaviors and even things like your how personality is tied to certain food and exercise behaviors! Just like the name implies this will be a time where each person will be allowed to speak and bring up questions or issues they might feel is relevant. THIS WILL NOT BE A LECTURE where you sit and listen to me talk but more of a time for everyone to speak.

Personal Training

You will have the option to choose to do some one on one personal training with me. I believe that fitness and nutrition go hand in hand - you can't have one without the other. With this option, I will create workouts that are tailored just for you. My personal training studio is located right in Jacksonville and through the use of you own body weight, dumbbells and barbells I teach you what exercises to do to help you reach your goals. Whether your goals are losing weight, building muscle or both my workouts are just what you need for success with this challenge.

Social Outings

We will also have three fun and exciting social strengthening opportunities taking you out of the traditional gym and classroom environment. This will give us a chance to learn more about each other and most importantly learn more about ourselves.

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My program also includes guidance on how to create a meal plan and weekly nutrition tips. Sign up now!


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