5 Exercises You Need To Be Doing At The Gym

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

We are going to jump right into it. Here are my top 5 exercises everyone should be doing at the gym. These 5 simple but effective exercises are all you need to do to develop overall strength and power. Depending on how you train, you can customize your training plan to have all 4 lifts on the same day or if you prefer body part splits -schedule them for different days. Either way by incorporating these into your routine you will get the most out of your training and you will see great results and strength in no time. From one athlete to another, I strongly suggest you record yourself! If you would like critiquing feel free to send your video to me and I’ll take a look at it! This is a great opportunity to see what you can change or just check to see if your form is perfect.

1. Squats

We are going to start off with my favorite exercise - the Squat. Squats are one exercise that should always be part of your weekly workouts. They are a fat burning, muscle building, core developing exercise. For men and women, this exercise should be at the top of your training list. Here are 3 reasons why.

1. Squats target more than just your legs

This is a full body exercise. Its one of the only exercises that will tone and strengthen your entire body.

2. They Burn your fat

Because squats help to build muscle your body will burn more calories per day simply because of your increased muscle. For every pound of muscle you gain, your body will burn an additional 50-70 calories per day!

3. Squats put you into an anabolic state

Being in an anabolic state means your body is constantly building and repairing muscle fibers. So by squatting heavy and frequently your body stays in this anabolic state resulting in muscle growth and strength.

2. Deadlifts

Deadlifts are my second favorite exercise and the second one on the list of best exercises to do. Like the Squat the Deadlift is a total body workout that can produce all of the following benefits:

- Strengthen everything from your handgrip to your calves

- They train your posterior chain (back and hips)

- They strengthen the core

- And most importantly, they improve your power, speed and athleticism

Besides all those benefits, deadlifting teaches you to move properly, run faster and jump higher. This is an all around amazing exercise that should be in everyone weekly gym regiment.

3. Pull Ups

Pull ups are infamous for building and strengthening your upper body; because performing the pull up involves moving the entirety of your own bodyweight up against gravity, it takes incredible upper body strength and trunk stability.

So why focus on pull ups and include them in your training:

Because you cant fake a strict pull up. The journey to a strict pull up requires dedication and practice and pull up strength carries over into other sports, yoga and everyday life. Pull up training develops your lats, upper back, shoulders and arms and it also hits your entire abs. These are all great benefits to men and women and thats why I rank it as the King of upper body training.

4. Push Ups

Push ups are one of the few moves that engage every muscle in the body, burn significant calories and tone up the abs quickly. It provides major benefits without taking up too much time to do. So if you are looking to build upper body strength, strengthen your core, increase energy quickly, increase bone mass and increase metabolic rate then look no further than the push up.

A great way to build lean muscle, burn fat and improve overall fitness is to do one set of push-ups each day. It wont take but about 5 mins and it will leave you feeling stronger each day you do them.

5. Hanging Knee Raises

Abdominal strength is an important component to the execution of almost every athletic movement and strong abdominals play a stabilizing role in just about every physical activity we do. Strong abdominals are also key to proper posture and the prevention of back injuries. This exercise is very effective for many reasons:

- They work all major muscles of the abs.

- They develop muscles required for proper spinal posture

- They require abdominal contraction from the beginning of the movement to the end.

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