Client Spotlight

*** Client Spotlight ***

Checkout this amazing transformation from one of my clients. She is a hardworking woman when it comes to her health and fitness and her results prove that. I am so grateful to be working with you.

This was her transformation after just 6 weeks. She was apart of my 6 week Emerging Strong program and definitely had great results. Read all about her physical and mental transformation below.




"I joined Emerging Strong to assist with kickstarting my journey to a healthier life style. After going through a “Life Shift” I was looking to regain myself and figured this would be a great start. I mean, 6 weeks wasn’t bad! I could do that! 🤔

I was excited about the group challenges and looked forward to the one on one training. I imagined that the program would provide me with guidance on exercising, the “what to do” and “how to do it” to get the results I was trying to achieve. In addition it would be the push I needed to get back on track. I had lost myself and wanted my balance back. Exercise has always been more than physical, to me it is about finding your center. It’s physical, mental and spiritual. It requires focus and discipline and that’s what I needed. So I made a pact with myself to see it through.

At the end, I had learned much more than what I expected, Aside from gaining a cheering squad (the group), the education aspect was great. I learned how to design my own exercise routine and what exercises to incorporate to ensure I’m working each body part. I learned about the importance of repetition and weights as it relates to building vs. losing. In addition there was the nutritional aspect that spoke to better eating habits, what to look for and meal plans. Did I mention the new recipes 😊? I grew excited about cooking again (a desire I had lost). I found myself at the grocery store often. I ended the program 3lbs shy of my goal. I felt light, energized and refocused. I had Emerged stronger than I was when I first began. Pretty good for a 6 week program. As I continue on this journey I understand the important of “pressing forward,” You get out what you put in. I’ve been armed with tools that will assist me as I move forward not to mention a team that’s in this with me.

Thank You Stephanie Marie!"

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