SMF Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 1

Updated: May 16, 2020

4 Tips For Staying Active When Stuck At Home

1. Find Your Why

Be sure to connect with your why. What is your reason for working out, for eating healthy and for pushing yourself to become the best version of you? Once you realize your reason for this, you can stay focused when adversity hits and things become out of our control.

Fitness/Health needs to become part of your identity. When you identify as someone who cares about their health and their fitness, it doesn’t matter what’s happening around you. You will stay focused on getting into the best shape of your life or making the best choices when it comes to your diet no matter what adversity presents itself. It can be very easy to stay focused when things are normal and your training schedule is pretty consistent but staying focused when adversity arises takes a lot more work and passion. Discovering your why in times like these not only makes you stronger and ready for anything thrown at you but it helps you to become someone who acres about looking and feeling their very best.

2. Set goals

Always start with simple goals and then progress to bigger ones. And be sure to make them realistic and achievable. Obviously right now would not be a good time to set a goal of gaining 10lbs of muscle mass or setting a goal of losing 15lbs of fat. It's unachievable at this time and with goals that are too ambitious, it’s easy to get frustrated and to give up. Instead, set smaller goals and then build onto them by adding more once you start to achieve each one.

An example of a smaller goal would be to get up and walk for 10mins a day. Whereas a goal that might seem too ambitious would be that you want to lose 10lbs so you try to start to run 3miles everyday. Thats a lot especially if you never ran everyday before. Start small and then build on it.

3. Get Into A Rhythm

If it’s hard to find time for exercise it will be easy to find excuses on why you can’t workout. Many of us have recently found that whatever habit and routines we were in have definitely changed. But setting a regular movement routine and exercise schedule can help you feel more consistent. Schedule your workouts as you would any other important activity. I advise being strict on your time and try to do the same time every time you workout.

Studies show that working out reduces stress. Its has been shown that stress will destroy your fitness routines, so make sure you set aside time for your workouts. Prioritize your fitness goals!

4. Tune In

Now more than ever is the best time to connect online with trainers, websites and workout specific apps. And the best part is most of it is free. These programs and workouts are great because they take the guesswork out of what you’re going to do each time you workout which can lead to one less excuse we might tell ourselves. Here is a list of my top apps and instagram profiles for home friendly workouts and classes for you to do to stay active.


1. Nike+ Training (Premium account is free for the next few months)

2. Les Mills On Demand (12 day trial then $14.99 per month)

Instagram Favorites:

  1. @mrssweendog

  2. @juliansmith

  3. @francheskafit


  1. Hannah Eden Fitness

  2. Francheska Fit

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