SMF Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 4

Kettlebell Training, Being KEGan and Meditation

How To Train Your Body, Mind and Soul

Hi!! How are you??

I am super excited and have started off the month of May STRONG!

I know things have been a bit crazy this year but I wouldn’t have it another way. Life is constantly changing up and keeping us on our toes so we have to always be ready for it. I hope you enjoy reading this new newsletter. In it you will find ways to train your body, mind and soul. Enjoy!

For the body:


Let’s chat about KETTLEBELLS! Last weekend I had the opportunity to talk with all about kettlebell training. If you’ve never trained with Kettlebells you are truly missing out! They are amazing and can make a good routine so much more intense. Click the link about to see great kettlebell workout you can do on your next gym day.

During our discussion a good question came up: “How do you put kettlebells into a workout if you are a beginner? How can the more advanced lifter benefit from kettlebells?”. There are three main ways to add kettlebells into your routine.

3 Ways to incorporate Kettlebells:

  • If you are a beginner or new to KBs:

Incorporate them into your warm up routine. A good warmup mimics the movement’s that will be included during the workout. So lets say you have legs to do today, specifically quads… your warmup should include some type of easy and lightweight squat to open up hips and warm up the big muscles of the legs.

To use KBs during the warm up I would do a few sets of light KB Goblet Squats and a few sets of lunges with the weight. By then end of your warm up your heart rate should be up and your muscles should be nice and warm and ready to be worked.

  • For the intermediate lifter with proper form and use of KBs:

I would recommend throwing a few exercises into the workout. Same example of leg day but instead of using the KBs in the warm up I am going to have my last few exercises devoted to KB work.

My first exercise with kettlebells would be a cyclist squat. With a moderate weight I’m going to do more reps to really overload the muscle to get as much blood pumped through the legs as possible. I would then follow it up with my last exercise being more explosive like a KB swing going heavy in weight to really finish off my legs.

  • For the Advanced Lifters who use KBs regularly:

I would recommend doing a whole workout focused on KBs only. As log as you have proper form you will benefit greatly by adding 1-2 KB workouts to your routine a week.

For You:

Now, more than ever, we need to focus on our mental and physical health, structure and accountably. We have the opportunity to choose what we do with the challenges we are facing and how we use this time. I want to help YOU and I want to encourage you to continue taking care of yourself and to use this time to better from the inside out.

I will be providing as many resources as I can in the days and weeks to come and I am will be releasing an all new online trainer. 12 weeks to be UNLEASHED. I will be offering $50 off the purchase to anyone who sends me an email to let me know you want to pre-register for the new trainer.

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