Try Out This Leg Exercise Next Time You Are At The Gym...

I LOVE to train legs!! I also absolutely love to do supersets on leg days. There is something about walking out of the gym with your legs feeling wobbly that makes me feel like I had a great leg workout.

If you are looking to kick up your leg routine check out this exercise: Leg Extensions superset with Single Leg Box Jumps.

This is one of my favorite exercises because we are pairing a traditional exercise with an explosive one. So I’m not just building strength but also power and speed! Give this superset a try to increase your total power output and to also build shapely dynamic looking quads.

Do this superset at the beginning of your next leg day routine:

Leg Extension: 5 sets of 12/12/12 reps (triple drop set)

Single leg Box Jumps: 20 reps per leg

This one is a burner!

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