Client Success Stories


Elizabeth Proctor

I started training with Stephanie in March of 2019. Up until this point I had always wanted to compete in a bodybuilding competition and I need to get into shape and lose body fat. Once we started training, I realized quickly that my stamina and overall conditioning was no where near where it needed to be. With Stephanie’s help I have been able to do things I never thought I could do. I am so much stronger now!! My biggest goals were to be able to do 1 full unassisted pull-up and a hand stand and I am pleased to say that I am able to do both. Stephanie is my ride or die to stage and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to not only compete but to get into the best shape of their life.

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Michelle Harris

Working out with Stephanie Marie Fitness is one of the best things I’ve done this year. In the past i would do YouTube work outs because it was free and easy but i did not get the results i was looking for. But I’ve worked out with her for about a month now and I’ve lost 8 lbs and 2 inches off my waist. I never thought working out could be so fun but SMF keeps me laughing through our sessions which helps me not focus on the pain. I highly recommend her services, she is very knowledgeable with how to get the best results, is certified in many different fitness categories so we could do yoga, kickboxing or strength training, depending on my needs. She is 1000% worth the money and I am so glad I made the decision to take my control of my health.


Brandon Smith

I have been working with Stephanie for the past 6 months. Although i regularly trained in the gym, i felt like i could improve my physique and another pair of eyes would be a welcomed addition. Learning smarter techniques has been the biggest benefit for me and has led to significant gains in areas i struggled with such as the traps and shoulders. Stephanie will give you her honest feedback on ways to help you and what you're doing wrong. This wont be the easiest, but there is no doubt you will make improvements. No matter how long you're in the gym and how much you workout, becoming uncomfortable again will help you to reach your goals.


Shanda Salisbury

In this journey, the biggest challenge for me is not being so hard on myself. I push myself to the max and am often times overly critical when I don't perform well. Stephanie helps keep me in check with this and it's one of the qualities I appreciate most. I have always been a fit person as far as working out but to put intention behind what I want to achieve has been very different. Stephanie has literally rebirth a new desire in me to use fitness as not just for exercise but for total mind/body connection. I have gone from using a brace daily to not even knowing where the brace is. I'm lifting weights and flipping 334 pound tires with a smile on my face.

Trachele Shields

I’ve been on a fitness journey my entire life. I decided to take my journey seriously in 2018. In Nov 2019 I increased my level of seriousness when I started training with Stephanie.My biggest goals were Reduce body fat. Reduce body weight. Increase strength. Improve cardiovascular conditioning. Do ten push ups off my knees. Do a pull up. Run two miles under 14 minutes. Feel good in my own skin. Steph will help you achieve all the goals you set for yourself. She will push you gently and hold you accountable without shaming you. She will listen to you and adjust your training plan based on your evolving goals. Training with Steph will be one of the best investments you make in yourself.

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Natasha Calhoun

Snacking and lack of motivation have always been the hardest for me. So I wanted to learn to make foods that were healthier food choices so I decided to work with Stephanie with my nutrition and training. She helped me get motivated by creating a healthy nutritional guide and a exercise routine. I was able to successfully lose 10 pounds and get a lot stronger. I would tell anyone on the fence about hiring a trainer to just DO IT! You will love the results.