1. APRIL - 1 Point

  2. PAULA - 0 Points

  3. JENN - 0 Points

  4. MELISSA - 1 Point

  5. ELIKA - 0 Points

  6. ZULAMET - 0 Points

  7. KATIE - 3 Points

  8. MAIGRET - 4 points

  9. JEWEL - 2 Points

  10. META - 2 Points

  11. RACHIC - 3 Points

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How The Challenge Works:

Complete All Workouts and Steps

Login daily to workout, view educational content or join in to a discussion in the group.

Rack Up Points

Each time you complete tasks and workouts you will receive a point. Miss a workout or task, and you lose ALL your points.

Win Prizes!

If by the end of the challenge you have enough points you win awesome prizes including t-shirts, foam rollers, gift cards, training sessions and more!


Every time you complete a step for the challenge, you will get a point. By the end of the challenge, if you have enough points you have the opportunity to win prizes. If you miss a step however, your points go back to zero and you start ALL THE WAY OVER. The goal is to never miss a step (login everyday and get your workout/topic/discussion done)


40 Points or More = Free Training E-book
60 Points or More = Free Meal Plan + Free Training E-book
80 Points or More = 1 Month Free Online Training + Free Meal Plan + Free Training E-book

Downloading the App

You can download either the Fit by Wix App or the Spaces App they both work exactly the same.